The company CMT launches a complete new test cell which will allow testing these most important parameters on-site faster, easier and more accurate than ever.

In addition this new technology makes it possible for the user to store relevant data in the cell for a long period of time which then can be used to trend the results. For further analysis the data can also be downloaded via USB to any PC.

TouchCell Main SMALL

Your benefits:

  • Greatly increased repeatability and accuracy. (0.1 mbar internal resolution)
  • Simply data transfer to a computer.
  • Optional database with a PC for trending the parameters
  • Intuitive usage due to touch screen functionality and graphic software using icons instead of text.
  • Perfect readability due to large backlit display.
  • Easy to recharge via an USB connection making exchange batteries a thing of the past.
  • Long lasting rugged device made for harsh marine environment.
  • Large internal memory for saving data.
  • No hazardous chemicals and no hazardous Lithium battery included - making shipping easy.
  • Reliable results - every single cell has passed an ISO embedded calibration procedure and comes with a certificate.


For further Information see our brochure.

New TouchCell