Vibration Meter (Marine) Plus

The Vibration Meter lässt can be equipped with a Memory and Trendanalysis. 


4 MB memory for Data storage and route measurement


Analysing the data with a computer shows slowly emerging faults in the trend analysis

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The uprgade is available for the Vibration Metre and the Vibration Meter Marine.

The Vibration Meter is a multi-function portable meter that bridges the gap between other basic Vibration meter and advanced FFT data collector / analyser. 

The Vibration Meter Plus is a step further in the long term history of the Vibration Meter production at CMT.

The instrument is based on the well known Vibration Meter and allows you to perform all basic vibration diagnostics measurements such as bearing condition, lubrication assessment and identification of mechanical faults. Most measurement techniques are processed automatically.
The special thing at the Vibration Meter Plus is the 4MB memory for data storage. Data memory allows you to perform off-route and route measurements.

The Vibration Meter Plus can be used as a data collector. Together with the newly developed data acquisition software (DDS) it becomes a really handy tool.
It has a unique expert system developed by CMT, that automatically detects machinery faults.

The key features of the Vibration Meter Plus are:

Acceleration measurement (g):

  • 500 Hz - 16 000 Hz RMS and Peak
  • Demod (Envelope) 500 Hz - 16 000 Hz RMS and Peak
  • Time Waveforms 1 - 16 000 Hz with 2048 samples
  • Demod Time Waveform 500 Hz - 16 000 Hz
  • Spectrum at 16 000 Hz with 800 lines
  • Demod Spectrum 500 Hz - 16 000 Hz with 800 lines

Velocity measurement (mm/s, ips):

  • 10 Hz - 1000 Hz RMS and Peak
  • Spectrum at 1000 Hz with 800 lines
  • Time Waveforms 10 - 1000 Hz with 2048 samples

Displacement measurement (µm, mm):

  • 2 - 100 Hz for RMS, 0-Peak and Peak-Peak

Temperature measurement:

  • 0 - 380°C (32 - 716°F)

Product information

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CMT Vibration Meter PLUS
With Memory and PC software
(including one acceleration sensor)

CMT Vibration Meter Marine PLUS
With Memory and PC software
(including one acceleration sensor)