CMT Vibration Analyser VA3Pro is a professional and robust 2 channel Vibration Analyser which is a valuable tool for maintenance engineers for fault diagnosis and data collection.

Vibration Analyser VA3Pro:

  • Velocity / Acceleration 30-60.000 rpm
  • Time Signal max 25.600 Hz (65.000 sampling)
  • FFT Spectrum
  • Amplitude and phase values on speed frequency
  • Order analysis
  • Data Collector (Route measurements)
  • FASIT - Fault Source Identification Tool
  • Analogue osciloscope
  • Orbit viewing

Key Features:

  • FFT spectrum with 25,600 lines
  • 2 AC + tacho + 2 DC channels (temp. pressure..)
  • Stroboscope /Torch
  • IR Temperature Sensor
  • USB connection for data transfer
  • Colour display 320 x 240

Measurement of 2 channels simultaneously gives a lot of flexibility in fault diagnosis. For instance, you can get a good insight of the alignment by measuring the radial and axial vibration across the coupling of the motor and pump.

8 GB allows continuous recording of 2 channel raw signals up to 25.6 kHz. Even under pressure, you don`t have to worry that important data could be missed.