The Sulphur Cap has been impacting the Marine industry strongly and countless new unproven fuel blends now are on the market. An article from Exxon Mobil provides crucial information gathered in their MobilServ℠ laboratories. It shows how the first months under the Sulfur Cap 2020 have impacted lab results. According to the newsletter important lube oil and fuel parameters have developed against predictions and can cause massive problems to the operation of vessels.

According to the article from Exxon Mobil:

  • Just 11% of vessels are now operating at the correct feed rate, down from 50% last year.
  • 51% of vessels have cat fines above OEM limits, a 19% increase on 2019.
  • Wear due to cold corrosion was evident in 19% of samples, a 4% annual increase.

Cat Fines

Your solution for detecting Cat Fines levels onboard: Our in-house developed and patented Cat Fines Tester can measure the Cat Fines content in samples with very high accuracy. The digital test provides a real PPM result as needed for the onboard operation.


Reduce costs during these trying times by adjusting the feed rate properly and get information about possible Cold Corrosion. Use CMT´s solutions to detect and quantify cylinder wear levels.


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