The International Bunkering Industry Association has released a very interesting article in their magazine World Bunkering.

The IBIA is concerned about the general knowledge for the implementation of the IMO 2020 regulations and the coherent increasing use of low sulfur fuels. The fuels are produced to be stable against asphaltenic sludge but mixing different fuels can relate into sludge build up and damage to fuel oil systems.

During the Presentation of our Managing Director Matthias Winkler on the IMarEST meeting they have learned more about our Compatibility Tester and its efficiency and easy use. The quick test is an easy way to avoid all problems that mixing incompatible fuels can cause. Smooth operation of your engine is no mystery but requires sufficient care.

Furthermore, the handheld PREMET® Devices and the Acoustic Emission Sensor can give even more insight for a trouble-free operation of your propulsion plant.
As the authors of IMarEST said: "For a detailed analysis of problems shown by an online system, a handheld system can be useful. Also, the Auxiliary Engines are often neglected when the main engine is monitored online and hence consume more fuel than needed."
The presentation was also commented by Nikeel Idnani, Honorary Secretary of the IMarEST UAE branch as he liked the introduction of "innovative ways of monitoring the complete combustion process to reduce fuel consumption and emissions"

To get your sulfur levels striving for the IMO 2050 target a combination of low sulfur fuels and efficient performance is inevitable.

For more information read the complete article here