The pressure inside the cylinder of a diesel engine indicates the efficiency level of your engine. The Premet® C has been developed to show these important data of your diesel engine during operations. This device gives you the opportunity to fine tune your engine to higher efficiency resulting in lower costs.

Compatible with engines on low-, medium- and high-speed the Premet® C is the perfect system to optimize your fuel injections.
Optimizing your fuel injection does not only help with fuel consumption but also helps to avoid repairs and demages.

Premet® C, Made in Germany, is using high-quality materials and is equipped with the newest sensor from Kistler Switzerland supplying you with the most exact results possible. Its compact build and stability ensure it will withstand the harsh conditions on board.

With an easy to understand Software and intuitive operation interface the Premet® C could not be easier to use. The results are easy to understand for all users and reshown immediately on the high resolution colour display. The results can be saved in the large internal memory and can be exported via an USB connection. CMT provides the WPREMET or PREMET Performance Analyser (PPA) software to analyse the results on a computer.

For more accuracy a TDC-Sensor can be equipped with the Premet® C. The TDC allows to check the mean indicated pressure (MIP) and the indicated power to give you the more detailed information about of your engine. (XL)

For low speed 2-stroke engines we offer a multisensory wheel to detect the crank angle in 360° including a TDC Sensor. (XLMS)