The Vibration Monitor is powerful online monitoring and diagnostics system

It was designed to increase the reliability of strategic rotating machinery. The Vibration Monitor system can operate as an independent monitoring system or it can be used as extension of an existing protection system. The Vibration Monitor system can be also used as the multipurpose 16-channel analyzer. Each Vibration Monitor module contains 16 AC, 16 DC and 4 TACHO inputs. All channels are measured simultaneously. The measurement parameters and data processing are the same as with top-class Vibration Analyser  instrument. Single Vibration Monitor modules can be easily composed together and by this we can create widely-channels system.

The A3750 software is designed for control of collection and archiving of data. By setting program it is possible to easily configure required measurements. Software A3760 enables on-line displaying of the current values on the predefined schemes. The DDS 2011 software system is designed for the following processing and archiving of the all collected data.

 Technical Specification

Dynamic Channels 
Number of synchronous parallel channels (AC) 16 AC (unlimited number of slave units)
Frequency range 25600 Hz (65.5 kHz sampling frequency)
Input range +/- 12V (only one range, no gains)
Measurement timing: fully synchronous
A/D Resolution: 24 bit input, 64 bit double floating point
Dynamic range: 120 dB
Channel configuration: voltage or ICP (individually for every channel)
Input protection: 30 V
Input impedance: 100 kOhm
Input type: acceleration, velocity, displacement,
and any non-vibration AC voltage
Accuracy: < 0.5 %
High pass filter: 1Hz -12800 Hz (user definition)
Low pass filter: 25Hz -25600 Hz (user definition)
RPM Channels 
Number: 4 independent rpm inputs
Speed range: 0,8 Hz - 1000 Hz
Input impedance: 80 kOhm
Input type: voltage
Input range: + 10V (only one range, no gains)
Accuracy: <0.5 %
Triggering: positive or negative
Trigger level: 0.1 -9.9 V, user defined
Input protection: 48 V
Static Channels (DC) 
Number: 16 DC
Input range: +/- 24 V or 4-20mA
Input impedance: 100kOhm (VDC), 250 Ohm (mADC)
A/D Resolution: 12 bit input
Accuracy: 0.1% fsd
Input protection 30 V
Measurement Functions 
Triggering: free run / impulse / external (voltage)
Data acquisition: overall values / time signal / real-time FFT /
envelope demodulation
Time waveform samples: 256 - 65536
Spectrum ranges: 25 - 25600
Spectrum lines: 100 - 25600
Order analysis parameters: 1/2 - 10th order
Averaging: 1-255


Processor: Intel Core2 - 2.5 GHz
Internal data disk: 250 GB)
Interface: Ethernet 1GB RJ45
Power supply: AC 110-240V, 45-65Hz
Operating temperature: -10 °C - +50 °C, 15°F-120°F
EMC: CE tested
Dimensions: 482 x 87 x 326 mm
Weight: 9 kg