Legionella is a bacteria which can cause a pneumonia-like disease called “Legionnaires’ Disease”. Infection occurs when the bacteria is inhaled from aerosols of contaminated water. Aerosols can be produced anywhere water is splashed or sprayed but some of the most common sources associated with Legionnaires’ Disease are showers.
The Legionella Field Test is a breakthrough technology from CMT for the rapid detection of Legionella bacteria in marine potable water systems– delivering test results in minutes instead of days. The test kit contains everything required to perform 5 tests – including sample collection containers and disposable pipettes.

    • Optimised for use with hot and cold water systems on-board ships.
    • Simple to use and fast, with no interpretation required.
    • Results are easy to read and obtained within 25 minutes.
    • No chemicals.
    • Immediate understanding and response to the water conditions.
    • Reduce risk of outbreaks and litigation.
    • Increase confidence in your Legionella control.