Our extensive product catalogue leaves no worries for the maintenance of any machines.

Oil Condition

CMT's oil test kits provide a range of on-site testing equipment that is essential for any engineer responsible for high quality lubricated machinery or hydraulic equipment. Economically, these condition monitoring systems are quickly becoming the backbone of their maintenance system.

Water Monitoring

Offshore installations and vessels have many systems that require monitoring for optimal performance, current or future legislation and to minimize health and safety risks to crew and visitors.

Given these requirements, CMT has developed a range of water test kits for ships to help comply with the above conditions.

Performance Efficiency

Ships require large amounts of fuel to sail. Therefore, diesel performance monitoring is vital for cost reduction. Most marine diesels run on inferior fuel, which can cause ignition delay and incomplete combustion.

Vibrations devices

Bearing problems are the most common reasons for machines and systems to fail. Even slightly incorrect alignment or imbalances produce significantly larger loads than expected for a bearing.

Very often bearings are not adequately lubricated. All of these factors reduce the lifespan of the bearings. Identifying inadequate lubrication or the cause of bearing damage is not complicated and can be done in just a few minutes.

Service and Training

Condition monitoring is the basis for condition-based maintenance. CMT not only provides condition monitoring technology, but goes one step further to also offer commissioning and calibration of CMT devices as well as training for all of our products.