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The most powerful diesel performance analyzer tool on the market with every PREMET®.


The trained eye can quickly conclude an analysis. The software is even faster and doesn't overlook anything.


Ready-made reports facilitate their task flow by passing on measures and for future problem solving.

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The PREMET® Viewer comes with every new PREMET® X or Premet® M.
Unbeatable combination.

The PREMET® Viewer helps to analyse the combustion process more efficiently. With an import of measurement data from a PREMET® X or M you can create TDC graphs, Combustion and Decomposition Curves and p-V Diagrams to help with the condition monitoring of your engines.

The software is included in the delivery of a PREMET from the newest generation. It facilitates the evaluation of the engine condition. A variety of diagrams, bar plots and tables present the measurements incl. manually entered data in a user friendly way.

Data from older generations of PREMETs, DieselSCOPE and Diesel Indicator, DPA devices by DREW Chemicals and all BAEWERT and HLV devices by Kistler or MAN can be evaluated too. Therefore, the transition from an older diesel performance analyser is much easier and you can see trends immediately with the data of your previous devices.

The correct adjustment of the engine helps to reduce the engine’s operating costs. Cylinder-to-cylinder load balancing and the correct fuel injection settings will optimise the engine performance and minimize the specific fuel oil consumption. Another main feature of the software is the trend analysis. These trends can help to detect worn parts or incorrect adjustment and plan you repairs as well as avoid unexpected failure.

All the insights gained can be incorporated into prepared reports for better compilation and distribution so that action can be taken quickly.

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Your Benefits

  • Powerful analysis tool
  • report templates
  • Upload to the optional cloud
  • The Pressure-Volume (p-V) diagram can indicate leakage or the incorrect setting of the TDC.
  • The TDC Correction is used maximise the power generated by the engine with lower lost.
  • The Combustion Pressure Decom position Curve is especially for modern engines with a very late ignition point.

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PREMET® Viewer
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