Produced Foam Test Kit

The CMT Produced Foam Test Kit has been designed for the validation, testing and calibration of produced firefighting foam induction systems.


Results can be evaluated directly on site. No shipping or waiting times from external sources.


With CMT's Test Kit you have foam verified to NFPA 11 2002 standard.

It offers fire safety professionals real time analysis so that the systems being tested are managed and calibrated correctly.
Application and Use
It is suitable for testing to the following International Produced Foam Test Standards:
NFPA 11 2002 (paragraphs 10.6.2 and 3)BS5306
It is also suitable for use with AFFF, Protein and AR Foams.
Firefighting foam induction systems require regular performance testing and often as a result recalibration.
The Produced Foam Test Kit enables systems to be easily calibrated, without the need to send samples

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Your Benefits

  • Covers a lot of standards
  • Easy calibration

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Produced Foam Test Kit
100ml measuring cylinders
250ml glass beaker
1ml glass syringe
5ml glass syringe
250ml glass sample bottles
digital refractometer

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