Glysacorr Option

A testing kit for the commonly used Glysacorr additive in cooling and boiler water systems


With the Glysacorr Option, the chloride content can be reliably determined despite inhibitors.


The Glysacorr option allows for quick analysis on board ship without any fuss.

Glysacorr G-93/94 is a widely used treatment for engine coolant on navy ships. To measure Chloride in cooling water treated with the corrotion inhibator Glysacorr G-93/94 the standard Chloride test will not work.

Please order the Glysacorr Chloride Test Kit.

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Your Benefits

  • Simple addition to the cooling and boiler water test kit
  • Quick and easy test
  • No influence of inhibitors

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Glysacorr Chloride
Test Range: (50-300 ppm)