Fuels and lubrications are the life elixir of modern industrial plans. Their considerable cost underlines their importance additionally.

Total Iron

CMT has developed a unique and simple analysis kit to test for and quantify corrosive and abrasive iron especially in the cylinder drain oil.
Together with the CDO BN Test Kit the Electronic Iron Analysis Kit allows to monitor the most important parameters of the cylinder drain oil allowing to optimize the feed rate of the cylinder oil and at the same time to avoid unnecessary wear of the individual cylinder liner.

Ferrous Wear Debris Monitor

Rapid screening of oil samples for ferrous wear debris using a PQ Index instrument has become an established method in most used oil laboratories. It is a brilliant wear indication and provides even further information if seen in relation to other elementary analysis methods.

Ferrous Wear Debris Meter

Testing lubricant samples for ferrous wear debris is an established method to detect developing and impending damages as well as gaining knowledge about the wear life cycle of the tested equipment. 

The Ferrous Wear Debris Meter is an accurate, easy-to-use solution for offline and at-line measurements of ferrous wear debris concentrations.