The Electronic Combustion Analyser 24/7 Multi Sensor is the most advanced system for continuous diesel engine performance. It has been developed to use for the Main Engine only. It can monitor up to 16 cylinders and log the data permanently. The Electronic Combustion Alalyser is a comprehensive system for continuous engine performance measurement and monitoring which will provide the key knowledge for obtaining optimum and reliable engine performance. With the aid of the combustion information you will have minimum engine wear, and optimum emission and fuel consumption.


  • Longer lifetime of components
  • Better maintenance planning
  • Early detection for fault
  • Increased operational safety
  • Lower fuel consumption
  • Easy technical reporting


  • Synchronous cylinder pressuremeasurement of up to 16 cylinders
  • 3 x 4-20mA Inputs
  • 4 x Digital Outputs
  • 2 x 62 Diagrams Buffer
  • p(max) alarm record
  • USB data transfer to PC