Sampling Solution

Only a correct extracted sample is reperesentive for the complete system

HFO Drip Sampler

The most common and cheapest way to get a representative sample is to use a drip sampler.

CMT's drip samplers are in use on many ships around the world.

  • Manufactured under strict ISO 9001 quality standards

  • Compliant with IMO MARPOL 73/78 Annex VI - to assist you in complying with legal guidelines when sampling

  • Lightweight and easy to install - for taking a sample quickly and representatively

  • Easy installation on all common flanges between 2" and 14"

  • Supplied complete with Bunker Sampler tube connectors

  • CMT's drip samplers are GL certified

CMT also offers a world-class bunker sample storage system.

Fuel Sampler

Normally samplers are installed at the ships manifold between the manifold flange and the flange from the bunker hose.
However, sometimes it is more practical to install the sampling device permanently at a different place.

The CMT Fuel Sampler is designed to be installed direct into an existing fuel pipe anywhere in the supply line. It can easily be removed for cleaning. After initial installation the fuel line can be used with or without the sampler being inserted.

  • Easy retrofit

  • Designed specifically for fuel oils

  • Service pipes from 2 inch up to 14 inc

  • Compliant with ISO 3170

MARPOL Bunker Cabinet

The CMT MARPOL Bunker Sample Storage Cabinet is a complete unit providing everything needed to comply with the IMO MARPOL regulations. It contains everything for collection, retention and storage of bunker fuel oil samples as required by the IMO MARPOL Annex VI regulations.

Automatic Sampler

Especially bigger vessels are facing the problem of negative pressure at the bunker manifold. Traditional Drip Samplers cannot be used here. They need a positive pressure to allow the sample to flow into the sample container by gravity. The solution is the Automatic Fuel Sampler which does work with vacuum up to -0.8 bar.

Vacuum Sampling Pump

For simple and effective sampling of lubricating oil.

With the help of the vacuum pump, samples can be taken from the oil pan or from tanks and barrels. For this purpose, CMT supplies stable plastic pumps that suck the sample into a sample bottle via a vacuum.

These pumps can be supplied for sample bottles with 28 mm and 38 mm screw caps. The 28mm pump is designed to be used with CMT's 50mL vial. The 38mm pump is designed to fill the 100mL sample bottle.

To prevent contamination with other samples, we recommend using the collection tube only once. The hose itself does not come into contact with the sample in the sample bottle.

Sample Bottles and Accessories

CMT produces various different sample bottles for fuel, oils and water aswell as cubitainers in two different sizes.

Accessories like mailer kits, labels, adapters and mailing cartons are available for sampling, storage and shipping

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