Vakuum Sampling Pumpe

For simple and effective lube oil sampling


With the vacuum pump, representative samples can be taken from large tanks.

Bottle size

With 28 and 38mm adapters, 50ml and 100ml sample bottles can be used for filling.

Sampling from tanks, drums  and / or engine sumps does create sometimes challenges because the access is difficult. Especially in tanks and drums it is inportant to not only sample from the top or bottom but to get a representative sample for the total volume.

For simple and effective lube oil sampling CMT supplys reliable and easy to use vacuum sampling pumps. These hand operated vacuum sampling pumps can be used for sample bottles with different necks. The 28 mm sample pump is designed to fit CMT 50 ml sample bottles and the 38 mm plastic pump is designed to fit 100 ml bottle. Other sizes and special adapters are available on request.

To avoid any cross contamination the plastic hose should only be used once. The hose does not come in contact with the sample from outside in the sample bottle.

Sample Extraction Tube (LDPE) - Clean LDPE tubing to fit sample extraction pump which can be used with most oil systems. Supplied in 15 meter rolls


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Your Benefits

  • Simplifies difficult sample conditions
  • Bottle choice with adapter

Ordering Information


Vacuum Pump 28 mm Neck
(for 50 ml Sample Bottle)

Vacuum Pump 38 mm Neck
(for 100 ml Sample Bottle)

Adapter for 500/1000 ml Sample Bottle
Suitable for 38 mm Neck

Sample Extraction Tube
(about 15 meter)

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