Oil Test Cabinets

CMT supplies four versions of Onsite Oil Test Cabinets and an Oil Analysis Center. 


A correct analysis of oils is always based on several factors, which are collected in CMT cabinets.


CMT cabinets are designed to be easily wall mounted. In this way, the equipment is always stored together and safely.

CMT offers four types of oil test cabinets and one oil analysis test center. The cabinets are intended for wall mounting. These test cabinets, whose robust workmanship allows them to be used in harsh environments, are easy to handle and ideal for operation even by untrained personnel.

  • Fast and precise results for different oil parameters
  • Enable quick decisions on site
  • Allow action to be taken before fatal errors occur

On-site inspection capability allows the engineer or facility manager to perform an oil analysis quickly and easily. Detecting out-of-spec fuels or lubricants can identify potential problems before machine damage occurs. Choose from a range of devices and parameters to use individually or integrate into a combined oil analysis box. Testing options included in the test cabinets and oil analysis test center include: Water in Oil, Acid Number (AN), Base Number (BN), Soot, Viscosity (Heated), Density, Compatibility, Salt, Flash Point, Pour Point, and CAT Fines.

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  • Best combination of matching devices
  • All in one cabinet
  • Much storage for spares

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