It is fundamental to maintaini the integrity of a lubricating oil film to prevent metal-to-metal contact, galling, microwelding and wear of sliding surfaces.

Lubrication film

The quality of the oil film on machine parts is essential for good lubrication of the system.


The lifetime of any machinery can be elongated by the right lubrication of moving parts.


The precise test works with 3 different balls for high accuracy on all avaiable ranges.

Viscosity is the most important indicator of an oil

It is fundamental to maintain the integrity of a lube oil film, in preventing metallic contact, scuffing, microwelding and wear of sliding surfaces.

The CMT Viscotube uses a falling ball technique to measure the viscosity of oil in centistokes. The tube is inverted and the time the ball needs to fall down will be manually measured. With the time, ball size and temperature of the oil when measured the viscosity can be calculated. 

The Viscotube is equipped with a clear screw cap at each end allowing to see the falling ball arrive at the other end. A tripod support stand on a mirror base plate helps to monitor the falling ball. The device is supplied with three sizes of balls to cover a wide range of viscosity. A digital thermometer is used to measure the temperature after completing the test

The CMT Viscosity Oil Test Kit gives a simple go / no-go result for viscosity. Typically it will detect 5-10% distillate fuel dilution of an SAE 30 to 40 engine oil as well as increases in viscosity due to oil contamination. It can not be used to get an actual viscosity but you will get an idea whether the viscosity is greater or smaller than the compared oil viscosity. It is essential that both oil measured do have the same temperature.


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  • Two tests for precise results or
    go/no go indication
  • Simple test procedure
  • No chemicals

Ordering Information


Viscotube Oil Test Kit
Range: 20-600 cSt @ 40°C, using
three sizes of balls
No. of Tests: Unlimited
Test Time: 1 - 10 minutes
Reagents: N/A

Viscosity Oil Test Kit
Range: go / no go
Application: Lubricating oils, viscous
No. of Tests: Unlimited
Test Time: 1 minute
Reagents: N/A

Test Kit Cleaner (250 ml)

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