Water in Oil: On-Line Total Water Monitor

The Water Monitor from CMT detects water ingress and soot build-up in oils, even if they are aged and dirty.

The effect of water ingress into an oil system can be rapid and catastrophic. The Water Monitor removes the risks associated with periodic off-line testing and potential human error. In comparison to other techniques for water monitoring, CMT´s Water Monitor measures the total concentration of water in oil, not just the dissolved water. CMT´s Water Monitor already has been installed on a multitude of seafaring vessels, where it proves its worth every single day! 

A robust design with an IP65 housing ensure that CMT´s Water Monitor can provide permanent, repeatable accurate and reliable real time data in harsh marine and industrial environments.

Continuous on-line monitoring provides the most representative results of the oil condition. Changes are highlighted as they start to occur and not just at scheduled inspections. Preventive action can then be taken before any significant damage has occurred. The Water Monitor provides accurate feedback of the water concentration in your oil system and gives a rapid alert of water ingress. Offering different alarm options, the Water Monitor instantly supplies the crucial information to the people that need it most.