Laboratory oil analysis does provide a very detailed view about the condition in the engine at the time of sampling. But there is always a delay for the logistic and analysis. Furthermore laboratory oil analysis can only be done in a wider time frame. With permanently changing conditions in the engine just a laboratory oil analysis would not be enough to have enough insurance that a reduced feed rate does not harm the engine.

Taking that in mind it becomes obvious, that a frequent onsite analysis of the most important parameters becomes necessary together with a regular laboratory oil test in case you like to reduce the feed rate and want at the same time limit the risk to have an liner wear problem.

Beside measuring the remaining base number and possibly some other oil conditions like water and viscosity in the scrape down oil it is crucial to measure the wear rate if you are optimizing the feed rate. Since there is no fixed optimum it is necessary to have the possibility to measure the iron content on a very frequent base.

The Cylinder Drain Oil Analysis Set consist of two different tests:

Other parameters like WaterViscosity and other can be measured with our portable On-Site Oil Test & Analysis solutions.