Oil Condition Monitoring

Fuels and lubrications are the life elixir of modern industrial plans. Their considerable cost underlines their importance additionally.

On-site Oil Test & Analysis

CMT’s oil test kit range provides on-site test equipment invaluable for any engineers responsible for high value lubricated machinery or hydraulic equipment. Economically priced these condition monitoring tools quickly will become the backbone of your maintenance regime.

  • make informed on-site maintenance decisions

  • Get results without any time delay

  • Robust and reliable

Cylinder Drain Oil Management

While in the past abrasive wear was the predominant wear mechanism creating problems like scuffing or sudden severe wear, these days corrosive wear has become the predominant wear in the new generation of engines, whereas abrasive wear is no longer the predominant problem for the new generation of engines. 

The CMT Cylinder Drain Oil Service does consist of two important major components:

  • Frequent on bord oil tests of Base Number and Iron content

  • Periodical onshore independant laboratory oil tests

Laboratory Oil Test

The oil itself is an excellent data medium which is full valuable information if tested correctly and the findings actioned. This information highlights the condition of the oil and the machine, enabling you to identify the optimal moment for an oil change. Wear particles can be directly related or assigned to a damaged part of a given machine giving information of the condition of the plant and providing early warnings in the fight to reduce and prevent damage. 

The CMT Marine Oil Test Service is a comprehensive insight into the functioning of your engine. It covers analysis of the combustion process, cylinder oil feed rates, fuel problems and identification of potential issues such as piston and liner wear, incomplete combustion and crankcase system oil analysis. In particular, we work very hard to minimize your costs related to oil consumption and feed rate. It is not in the interest of CMT to let you spend more on lubrication than necessary.

Typical applications for our independent marine oil lab service on board ships are:

  • Diesel Engine System Oil 

  • Cylinder Drain Oil

  • Stern Tube Oi

  • Hydraulic Oil

  • Gear Box Oi

  • Other Lubricants

Online Oil Sensors

While maintenance costs increase and production capacity and equipment performance is optimized the demand for on-line machinery and oil condition monitoring is increasing permanently. CMT had designed a range of instruments to accomplish the primary objectives of oil analysis

New technologies deliver new ways to protect your investments. Using our oil sensors to monitor the condition of the oil can now be applied as the technology is available and has proven its worth in the field.

  • Great addition to offline oil analysis programm

  • Get an early alert about critical situations

  • Extend the sampling intervals

  • Indicaton whe to send oil samples to a laboratory

Sampling Solutions

One of the most important aspects of any oil analysis program is the sampling method and the sampling equipment used. The sample needs to be representative for the total amount and uncontaminated. Oil samples are required for regulatory analysis but also for commercial and regulatory purposes.

A representative oil sample will provide an accurate representation of the contaminants, additives, oxidation, particulates and wear condition. If a sample does not represent the real condition of the oil and component at the time of sampling, the reliability of both the test result and it’s interpretation is in doubt.

Representative fuel oil samples are required for both regulatory and commercial purposes. Crucial aspects of the sampling process include taking the sample, the sampling location and witnessing the process.

  • The sample represents contaminants, additives, oxidation, particulates and wear condition

  • Required for regulatory and commercial purpose