Offshore installations and vessels have a variety of systems that require monitoring for either optimal performance, meeting current or forthcoming legislation and to minimise the risks to the crew or visitor's Health and Safety on board. With these in mind, a new exciting range of CMT Marine Water Kits has been developed to assist and adhere with the above requirements.

The systems that will require monitoring have had the following range of testing kits made available:

Marine Boiler & Cooling Water Test Kits

This CMT range of kits will enable the ship's engineer to monitor scale and inhibitor levels accurately. Regular testing will allow rapid corrective action to take place, maintaining optimum operating conditions, minimise down time and reduce costs.

Marine Potable Water Test Kits

The CMT Marine Hygiene kits were developed to offer rigs and vessels the complete monitoring solution for their potable water systems. Suitable control schemes with adequate testing and monitoring will aid with the compliance of the current IHR (2005), ILO 178 (2009) and ILO MLC (2006). These test kits provide real time analysis and simple to perform tests.

Marine Sewage Effluent Tests Kits

Ultimately the CMT Sewage Effluent Kit will aid with the compliance of MARPOL Annex IV, especially for the initial/renewal inspections and spot checks for certification. The Sewage Effluent Test Kit will provide simple and accurate testing for BOD, Chlorine (Free), COD, Coliform Bacteria, pH and Total Suspended Solids. Regular testing will allow rapid corrective action to take place if required, helping to maintain optimum operating conditions, minimum down time and reducing costs.

***NOTE***     Non-compliance or failed inspections can result in vessel detention