Nowadays tests in the market are complicated and comprehensively. The Chief-Engineers almost need to have a chemist-degree in order to understand and execute the time consuming tests. The CMT Sewage Effluent Test Kits are simple and very user-friendly. To test the discharge of Sewage treatment plants CMT offers a quick and easy drop test for testing the free chlorine content.

CMT offers three different versions of the Sewage Effluent Test Kits to better suit your needs.

  • Sewage Effluent Test Kit 1 complies with MEPC 2(VI) Commission before 2010.
  • Sewage Effluent Test Kit 2 complies with MEPC 159(55) Commission since 2010.
  • Sewage Effluent Test Kit 3 complies with MEPC 159(55) & 227(64) for all passenger ships.

Regular testing will allow rapid corrective action to take place if required, helping to maintain optimum operating conditions, minimum down-time and reducing costs. Ultimately the Marine Sewage Water Test Kits will aid compliance with MARPOL Annex IV.