Flash Point

The CMT Flash Point Tester is used to determine the flash point of any unknown liquid sample.

Flash Point Tester

For more individual use cases, the Flash Point Tester has multiple modes to control or determine.


Dilution of fuel can lower the flashpoint, which leads to explosions within the crankcase.

USB connection

The measurements can be saved onto a computer via USB for trendanalysis.

The CMT Flash Point Tester is used to determine the flash point of any unknown liquid sample. Increased flash point in engine oils to about 200°C is an early indication for fuel dilution which can result in crankcase explosion.

The flammability of a material also determines its safety classification and the regulations under which it must be handled, stored and transported.
Ther Electronic Flash Point Tester is a compact, bench top / portable, closed cup Flash Point Tester designed to carry out ‘flash / no flash’ tests or to determine flash point values up to 300°C using either Ramp or Rapid Equilibrium methods. Find the flash point with the ramp test which is  a continuously rising heating to the point of the ignition or measure of your sample on a given temperature.

Data export via USB enables trend analysis. The new version of the Flash Point Tester comes with a touch screen for easier usage.

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Your Benefits

  • Simple test procedure
  • Easy step by step guide
  • Different modes for many usecases
  • USB connection for trend analysis

Flash Point Tester

Ordering Information


Electronic Flash Point Tester
Temp Range: Ambient temperature
                      (+5) to 300°C
Sample Size: 2-4 ml
Test Time: OK in 2 minutes
Temp Running: 2° C/min.
Test Method: Closed Cup
Resolution: 0.5°C
Accuracy: 0.5°C
Flash Detection: Automatic
Voltage: 110-250 V
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Power: 200 W
Weight: 4,3 kg

Note: A standard butane (lighter) refill cartridge is required for operation.

Test Kit Cleaner (250 ml)