Cold Corrosion

Cold corrosion can occur when sulfuric acid condenses on the liner walls.

Cold Corrosion

Cold corrosion is the acidic reaction of iron and sulfuric acid on the liner walls


Simple Test to determine the concentration of cold corrosion in any given oil sample.


Protect your engine from acidic demage, that ocurrs often on part or low loads.

Cold corrosion is a type of corrosion resulting from the condensation of sulfuric acid on the liner walls, degrading the liner surface. CMT has developed a reagent based test to measure the level of corrosive wear.

Corrosive iron in cylinder oil indicates chemical wear in your engine's liner. Cold corrosion is the most severe in modern engine designs and earlier engine designs modified for part load or low load operation.

The Cold Corrosion Test Kit puts you in control and allows you to determine the severity of your engine's acid corrosion.

Our cold corrosion test kit is specifically designed to be fast, reliable and easy. It provides results within 20 minutes that are easy to interpret via the provided comparison sheet.

Testing the cylinder oil for corrosive iron is the most reliable source of control.


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  • A simple test for an important factor
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Cold Corrosion Test Kit
Range: 50 - 800 ppm