Fuel Bacteria Test

Free water, heat and condensation in the fuel form the basis for the growth of diesel bacteria.

Diesel Bug Count

The test result immediately reflects the accumulated value of bacteria, yeast and mold.


The quality of the fuel used has an influence on the performance, but also on the service life of the engine.


With the test kit from CMT, it is easy to determine if contamination is biomass-based.

Bacteria, Moulds, and Yeasts can all grow rapidly in fuel tanks! Free water, warmth and condensation in the fuel borm the basis for growth of Diesel Bugs.

The addition of environmentally friendly biodiesel to the fossil diesel offers microbes an excellent source of nutrition. Microbes grow more than ever and form increased amounts of “biomass”. This leads to clogged filters, corrosion and to engine failure.

Standard grades of diesel are clear and usually light yellow. The smallest discoloration can be a sign of the Diesel Bug. To be sure, you have to test it!

The CMT Fuel Filter Bacteria Tests can be used to test the Diesel Fuel for bacteria. The Dip Slide Test is used in case of a clogged filter. A thin film of the residues from the clogged filter can be incubated on the dip slide to evaluate if the filters clogging because of bugs or other dirt.


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Your Benefits

  • provides evaluation of Diesel Bug count (bacteria, yeast and moulds altogether)
  • is easy to use
  • provides precise and reliable results
  • allows fast and safe handling
  • is suitable for all qualities of diesel fuel inclusive biodiesel

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Fuel Filter Bacteria Test (Dip Slides)
Range: low / moderate / heavy
Test Time: 24 - 48 h at 27 - 30°C
1-4 days at ambient
No. of Tests: 10

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