Vibration Analysis

The most common cause for machine and planr damage is bearing.

Vibration Meter

Bearing problems are the most common cause for machine and plant damage. Slight misalignment or imbalance creates significant greater than expected load for a bearing.
Very often bearing lubrication is found insufficient. All of these factors reduce the service life of bearings. The identification of insufficient lubrication or a source for a bearing damage is no great matter and done in a few minutes

  • Machine condition monitoring system

  • Easy to understand, easy to use

  • Analysis according to the traffic light principle

Vibration Analyser

The advanced vibration analyzers save time and effort with multiple inputs. Simple software solutions provide the user with easy to understand results. This way complexe measurements can be executed by everyone.

  • The VA3 provides 3 inputs that can record at the same time.

  • The VA5 can even record 4 inputs simultaneously.

Vibration Monitor

The series of Vibration Monitors are powerful online monitoring and diagnostics systems. They have been designed to increase the reliability of strategic rotating machinery. 
The Vibration Monitor systems can operate as an independent monitoring system or they can be used as extension of an existing protection system

  • control data collection and archiving

  • up to 16 channels

  • 3 versions of the Vibration Monitor available


The Digital Diagnostics System software represents a powerful tool for storage and evaluation of vibration and technical diagnostics data. It allows the user to connect and work with data collected by portable data collectors and online monitoring systems. In the full configuration, it includes all the functions necessary for data transfer, analysis and data storage.

  • Can be used with all devices

  • Uses SQL and ODBC standarts

  • Open System

Spares and Accessories

Our range of AC 100 mV/g accelerometers is designed for use with all types of data collectors and online systems using two-wire constant current method of drive.

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