Metallic Particle Sensor

Elevated concentrations of metal particles indicate future material failure.


Detecting material damage before a failure saves costly downtime or replacement parts.


The in-fluid installation gives real-time results on the current state  of the system.

CMT’s Metallic Particle Sensor is a real-time, in-line fluid sensing technology for the detection of metallic wear debris and particulates in a lubrication system.
By continuously monitoring wear debris generation, the device alerts users to faults in their earliest stages, allowing for lower cost correction actions than conventional schedule based maintenance.

The Metallic Particle Sensor will detect, categorize (ferrous vs. non-ferrous), and size metals within a machinery lubrication system. The monitor will detect and measure particles with an estimated spherical diameter of 50 micron ferrous and 150 micron non-ferrous and larger. The compact, robust device can be mounted within just about any lubrication system on any machine.
The sensor communicates in real‐time using the MODBUS® serial digital communication standard over RS485 or RS232.

This industry standard allows for easy integration into your current systems. But a wide range of output formats are available including particle type/size, approximate mass, and particle counts in user configurable bins.
When connected to a host system the device will give indication of the machinery condition relative to wear metals generated.
This gives you the control to improve your asset health management by being able to make informed maintenance decisions based on real‐time data.


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  • Great precision for up to 40µm ferrous and 150µm non-ferrous particles
  • Real time measurements
  • In-line fluid installation
  • Continuous measurement
  • IP 65 Dust and water protection
  • RS48/RS232 Modbus Connection

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Metallic Particle Sensor

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