Vibration Analyser

The Analysers offer several inputs, for simultane recording and comparison of different sensor types und Measurementpoints.

Vibration Analyser VA3

CMT Vibration Analyser VA3Pro is a professional and robust 2 channel Vibration Analyser which is a  valuable tool for maintenance engineers for fault diagnosis and data collection. 
A non-contact IR temperature sensor allows immediate bearing temperture as well as a LED light wich can be used as stroboscope or torch.

  • Three standart test modes

  • Buy and download optional test modes later

  • choose between six optional modes

  • for one-handed operation

Vibration Analyser VA5

The Vibration Analyser VA5Pro is a unique instrument for machinery vibration diagnostics. The Vibration Analyser VA5Pro includes modules for analysing, data collecting and vibration signal recording. The instrument is enhanced by modules for dynamic balancing, measurement of run up and coast down, acoustic measurement mode, monitoring and  control of lubrication process and listening to the vibration signal with the stethoscope feature. The instrument is equipped with an expert system which automatically detects machinery faults. The Vibration Analyser VA5Pro is designed for engineers, technicians and researchers dealing with machinery and structural diagnostics as well as dynamic balancing of rotating machinery.

  • 64GB allows 20 hours of continuous recording

  • no missing of important data

  • choose between 11 different modes of the Analyser

Pocket Analyser

The Pocket Analyser is a pocket sized 4 channel vibration analyser. 

Connect the Pocket Analyser to any computer by USB and use the unit for data analysing, collecting and the recording of vibration signals. 

  • Free download of the Virtual Unit

  • All Analyzer functions on your computer

  • USB connection

  • 4 channels

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