Vibration Monitor

The simultaneous recording of up to 16 sensors and further analyzes.

Rack sized

The vibration monitor is built for server racks and can be purchased in 2 different heights (2U and 3U).

16 sensors

With 16 sensors per rack, entire powerplants can be monitored.


Analysis from the office or with external help is possible from anywhere via LAN.

It was designed to increase the reliability of strategic rotating machinery. The Vibration Monitor system can operate as an independent monitoring system or it can be used as extension of an existing protection system. The Vibration Monitor system can be also used as the multipurpose 16-channel analyzer. Each Vibration Monitor module contains 16 AC, 16 DC and 4 TACHO inputs. All channels are measured simultaneously. The measurement parameters and data processing are the same as with top-class Vibration Analyser  instrument. Single Vibration Monitor modules can be easily composed together and by this we can create widely-channels system.

The Vibration Monitor software is designed for control of collection and archiving of data. By setting program it is possible to easily configure required measurements. Software A3760 enables on-line displaying of the current values on the predefined schemes. The DDS 2011 software system is designed for the following processing and archiving of the all collected data.


Vibration Monitor Plus


Vibration Monitor Standard

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Vibration Monitor Plus (3U)
16 channel synchronous measurement

Vibration Monitor Standard (2U)
16 channel synchronous measurement

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