The Laboratory Marine Oil Analysis Report complete with a highly detailed diagnostic statement (prepared by a mechanical engineer) will be sent by email and can also be accessed over the internet.

On the report web site you can also view previous reports and view a graphical history for trend analysis. You can choose the Guest login to get some generic sample reports. We also provided a demo account showing some marine related reports as demonstration. Login details are as follows: 

Username: CMT.Demo

Password: cmtdemo

Other benefits include

  • Analysis results ready to view the next working day
  • Detailed oil / fuel analysis from an ISO certified laboratory with a highly detailed diagnostic statement
  • A special log in provides you with an access to our web server to search and review reports it allows also to trend and compare results
  • Competent answers to your questions about the analysis or the oil / fuel by mail or phone
  • Comparable oil / fuel analysis within your fleet even when you change the oil supplier
  • Free repeat measurement in case of any doubt or question about the oil / fuel analysis
  • Same price and system regardless of the oil type, making it very easy for you.