Bearing problems are the most common cause for machine and plant damage.

Slight misalignment or imbalance creates significant greater than expected load for a bearing. Very often bearing lubrication is found insufficient. All of these factors reduce the service life of bearings. The identification of insufficient lubrication or a source for a bearing damage is no great matter and done in a few minutes.

A detailed problem analysis is important. So it happens that engineers suspect a bearing damage, but gear problems are actually present. The bearings are replaced now, costs are incurred without eliminating the problem. Therefore it is essential to find the cause of the problem. Just changing a bearing where an imbalance or a misalignment is causing the problem does not solve the problem and the bearing will fail shortly again creating more cost.

Statistics show that insufficient bearing lubrication is the highest cause for most bearing damages. Finding lubrication problems is simple and fast with the CMT vibration and ultrasonic devices. A single measurement of only a few seconds gives information about the lubrication of the bearing. Avoid bearing damage and unnecessary costs without much effort.