PREMET® Software

To better suit different applications, CMT has developed 3 analytic programs.


Simple solution for on-site analysis of measured values and trend analysis.

Fleet Manager

More complex version with an overview of complete fleets to compare sister engines.


Manage fleets from the office via cloud. Reports are generated automatically and instructions can be submitted.

The measured values from our high-precision devices can give the trained eye an impression of the condition of the machines. Nevertheless, the analysis with the perfectly coordinated software is worthwhile to enable the analysis quickly or even for inexperienced employees.

PREMET® software are designed to save time and still provide the most accurate evaluation. The PREMET® X with the automatic upload to the cloud can complete the analysis in just a few minutes.

The software solutions from CMT are designed in such a way that they work perfectly with the PREMET® Line devices. Of course, they can also be optimally used with measurement data from other devices.


PREMET® Viewer

The best cylinder pressure measurement analysis software comes with simple analysis tools and prebuild reports.


PREMET® Fleet Manager

The Fleet Manager enables the management of the entire fleet in order to obtain even more precise results with comparisons of sister engines.



Functions from the Fleet manager but can be accessed worldwide via browser. In this way, the data from the office can be analyzed and suggestions for improvement can be sent over the internet.


Download area

The software can be downloaded from our download area.