All in one solution for analysis and reports from any DPA-Device over the internet.


Not only devices from the PREMET line, but also data from DieselSCOPE, etc. can be evaluated


The PREMET Cloud can process the high signal intensity of the PREMET devices and does not overlook anything.


The measurements can be analyzed using any computer, tablet or even smartphone with internet access.

While every PREMET® device comes including the PREMET® Viewer, there is an even more beneficial solution. The PREMET® Cloud allows an analysis from a single ship to complete fleets. Everything is stored in the cloud and can be accessed from all over the world. And the best thing? Its free to use, just register.

Management of the engines on board is nowadays crucial to reduce costs, adhere to modern maintenance requirements and to guarantee 24/7 reliable operation.

The PREMET® Cloud solution serves as exchange platform and analysing tool for your diesel performance data or your entire fleet. You can manage your fleet, trend performance data and compare data from sister engines, shop or sea trials.

Why not using one of the many other performance clouds available? Because normal fuel performance and ship performance clouds use a limited amount of data while a record of diesel performance data consists of a large array of data which are all necessary to get a conclusive analysis for the diesel engine. If needed calculated performance data can be exported to be used in other clouds.

The big advantage of the PREMET® Cloud is the instant availability of data. The ship can easily upload data. Either from a registered computer or from a PREMET® X device. The uploaded files are just a few kilobytes in size. Data is then at once available for the superintendent or any data analyst who can analyse the data immediately. All the Data is accessible from any device with internet access from anywhere in the world.


Complete list of parameters analysed in the PREMET® Cloud:

  • Revolutions per Minute (RPM)
  • Mean Indicated Pressure (MIP)
  • Indicated Power (PI)
  • Pressure at Fuel Ignition
  • Angle at Fuel Ignition
  • Compression Pressure
  • Max. Combustion Pressure
  • Angle at Max. Combustion Pressure
  • Max. absolute Peak Pressure
  • Angle at max. absolute Peak Pressure
  • Angle where combustion ends
  • Expansion Pressure
  • Lambda = p(mxc) / p(cmp)
  • Combustion Pressure Rise
  • Exhaust Gas Temperature
  • Fuel Pump Index
  • Ignition Delay = a(ign) - a(opn)
  • Injection Delay = a(opn) - a(pmp)
  • Angle where pump spill closes
  • Angle where nozzle opens
  • Angle where injection starts
  • Fuel Injection Duration (length)

Video instruction


We have many video tutorials on our YouTube channel as well as on a dedicated page.

We explain the advantages of a cloud solution compared to equivalent analysis tools such as our PREMET Viewer. There are also many videos on using the PREMET Cloud to get the maximum performance from this great tool.

Product info

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Your Benefits

  • Free to use for all co-workers
  • Easy account managing
  • Only the ship needs an annual
    upload license
  • Optional analysis service by marine
  • Worldwide access with all current
  • Most extensive Diesel Performance
    Analysis on the go

Ordering Information

PREMET® Cloud Fleet Management Subscription

Evaluation Service per record (PREMET® Cloud Subscription required)

Evaluation Service per year and engine
(PREMET® Cloud Subscription required)

Evaluation Service per year and sister engine
(PREMET® Cloud Subscription required)

Evaluation Service 3 Records
10, 25 and 50 at request
(PREMET® Cloud Subscription required)

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