Laboratory Oil Test

For the most complete and simple analysis, our laboratory partner is available.

Laboratory Lube Oil Test

The oil itself is an excellent data medium which is full of valuable information if tested correctly and the findings actioned. This information highlights the condition of the oil and the machine, enabling you to identify the optimal moment for an oil change. Wear particles can be directly related or assigned to a damaged part of a given machine giving information of the condition of the plant and providing early warnings in the fight to reduce and prevent damage. The CMT Marine Oil Test Service is a comprehensive insight into the functioning of your engine. It covers analysis of the combustion process, cylinder oil feed rates, fuel problems and identification of potential issues such as piston and liner wear, incomplete combustion and crankcase system oil analysis. In particular, we work very hard to minimize your costs related to oil consumption and feed rate. It is not in the interest of CMT to let you spend more on lubrication than necessary. CMT has formed a strategic partnership with a certified and accredited laboratory with over 15 years experience in used oil lab analysis. A database of more than one million used oil samples from more than fifteen thousand customers all over the world and our cooperation with lube oil suppliers and engine manufacturers allows us to give you appropriate independent recommendations based on the oil analysis. Typical applications for our independent marine oil lab service on board ships are: Diesel Engine System Oil, Cylinder Drain Oil, Stern Tube Oil, Hydraulic Oil, Gear Box Oil and other Lubricants.


It is possible to get the current lab reports even faster and to have, at the same time, a comparison with earlier analysed samples. If you require your results sooner, instead of waiting for an e-mail, fax or mail you can directly log on to our fire wall-protected web server. Where, as soon as we have evaluated your sample, we inform you by e-mail that the results are available. You can see the analysis results in the original version of the lab report and print it or forward it to interested parties.

The Laboratory Marine Oil Analysis Report complete with a highly detailed diagnostic statement (prepared by a mechanical engineer) will be sent by email and can also be accessed over the internet.

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