CMTs new Portable Incubator brings lab like conditions to the field of onsite testing of bacterial contamination. To create reliable and repeatable incubation conditions when in the field has been a problem in the past because small and portable but on the other hand reliable and temperature stable incubators were not available.
A bacteriological analysis demands an incubator to create repeatable results.
CMTs incubator offers a reliable, temperature stable environment for the incubation of bacteriological samples and that while being portable and affordable.

  • Applicable for a multitude of different tests needing incubation
  • Economic solution for customers needing incubation of low sample quantities
  • Portable and therefore useable in the field and in the lab
  • Digitally adjustable temperature with real time display of the actual inside temperature
  • Clear viewing lid
  • Temperature range: 35-45 °C