Online Oil Sensors

CMT has designed a range of instruments to accomplish the primary objectives of oil analysis.

Water in Oil Sensor

The Water Monitor from CMT detects water ingress and soot build-up in oils, even if they are aged and dirty.

The effect of water ingress into an oil system can be rapid and catastrophic. The Water Monitor removes the risks associated with periodic off-line testing and potential human error. In comparison to other techniques for water monitoring, CMT´s Water Monitor measures the total concentration of water in oil, not just the dissolved water. CMT´s Water Monitor already has been installed on a multitude of seafaring vessels, where it proves its worth every single day! 

Combined Oil Condition and Moisture Sensor

CMT’s Combined Oil Condition and Moisture Sensor is a real time, in-line sensing technology for monitoring the health state of lubricating fluids. The device provides continuous insight to oil health, promoting conditionbased maintenance practices such as optimized fluid drain intervals and reduced dependence on offline analysis.

Lubricants are used to increase operating efficiency and to maximize life of equipment with relative moving surfaces.

Oil Sensor Box

Consisting of a combination of oil sensors, the Oil Sensor box has been developed to offer real-time monitoring of oil on critical plant such as a wind turbine gearbox. The Sensor Box makes frequent inspections of remote oil and machine health a feasible option. The risk of sampling error is eliminated and data from the sensors can be streamed via any network system, allowing remote monitoring and increasingly effective maintenance planning.

Metallic Particle Sensor

CMT’s Metallic Particle Sensor is a real-time, in-line fluid sensing technology for the detection of metallic wear debris and particulates in a lubrication system. By continuously monitoring wear debris generation, the device alerts users to faults in their earliest stages, allowing for lower cost correction actions than conventional schedule based maintenance.

Density / Viscosity Sensor

CMT’s Density and Viscosity Sensor is a breakthrough liquid sensing technology that monitors density, viscosity, specific gravity and temperature in real time. Density and Viscosity are very important to ensure an oil film for optimal lubrication on all parts. Lubrication will keep moving metal parts from producing wear and ensure a long lifetime of your engine. The efficiency of your engine can improve with the right viscosity of the fuel.