Vibration Analyser VA5

Professionelles Tool for Vibration analyse with 4 channels and varios measurement Modes.

4 Channels

64GB allows 20 hours continuous recording of 4 channel raw signals up to 25.6 kHz. Differtent views can be compared like that. 

FFT Data

The FFT-Spekctrum is shown in the range 0 to 200 Hz. In addition are the three most dominant peaks shown as numbers. 

Colour Scale

No need of a computer for the analysis. The firmware of the device shows the condition of the engine per color scale.

The Vibration Analyser VA5Pro is a unique instrument for machinery vibratoin diagnostics. The Vibration Analyser VA5Pro includes modules for analysing, data collecting andvibration signal recording. The instrument is enhanced by modules for dynamic balancing, measurement of run up and coast down, acousting measurement mode, monitoring and control of lubricaton process and listening to the vibration signals with the stethoscope feature. The instrument is equipped with an expert system wich automatically detects machinery faults.
The Vibration Analyser VA5Pro is designed for engeneers, technicians an d researchers dealing with machinery and structural diagnistics as well as dynamic balancing of rotating machinery.

Data processing

  • FFT: 3.276.800 lines in real time
  • Frequency Range up to 90 kHz
  • 20 hours recording of 4 channels
  • Demodulaton-, envelope analysis and Order analysis
  • ACMT - low speed bearing analysis
  • User defined frequency bands

Frequency response for modal analysis

Der A4400 VA5Pro enables to measure frequency response fpr modal analysis purposes.It is an attractive substitute for large systems, wich are usually used for modal analysis measurements. 

Data are exported in UFF format. They are easily imported to every modl analysis software

Einige Beispiele der unterschiedlichen Modi

ANALYSEMODUL › 4 Kanäle gleichzeitig

AUSWUCHTEN (dynamisch) › Intuitives grafisches Auswuchten

EXPERTENSYSTEM › Automatische Ursachen-Erkennung

ROUTEN › 8000 Messpunkte › DDS Software

Der A4400 VA5Pro ermöglicht die Messung der Frequenzresonanz für die Modalanalyse. Es ist ein attraktiver Ersatz für große Systeme, die üblicherweise für Modalanalysemessungen verwendet werden.

Die Daten werden im UFF-Format exportiert. Somit können sie leicht in jede Analyse Software importiert werden.

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Vibration Analyser VA5Pro
(Including one acceleration sensor and a case)

Laser Tacho Probe


Transport Case for VA5

PELTOR Heavy Duty Kopfhörer

Thermal Imaging Camera
Range:                 -10°C ~ 150°C

Acceleration Sensor Complete push /pull
(Including spiral cable and magnet base)
Sensitivity            100 mV/g
Resonance Freq.   30 kHz

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