Rapid Ballast Water Test Kit

The quick test for the effectiveness of ballast water systems.


Protects the ecosystem as advertised internationally.


A quick indicator for the quality of the ballast water treatment and its effectiveness.


Verunreinigungen durch Bakterien und Mikroorganismen sind eine häufige Ursache für Erkrankungen.

The CMT Rapid Ballast Water Validation Test Kit provides a simple rapid method for determining the efficiency of ballast water treatment systems.

Our validation kit provides ship operators, Port State Control (PSC), and other compliance officers with a simple, effective tool to assess the risk of discharging ballast water.

The 2004 BWM Convention guidelines include recommendations on methodologies for sampling and analysis to test for compliance with the convention.

Utilizing three instruments, the CMT Rapid Ballast Water Test Kit satisfies the testing protocol for the D1 standard, allows a user to quickly and easily decide if a system is in gross exceedance of the D2 standard, and provides a simple solution to test total residual oxidant levels in chemical disinfection systems.

A salinity refractometer provides a simple test to confirm that an exchange occurred. A portable, pocket size digital fluorometer tests for photosynthetically active chlorophyll, like that found in living phytoplankton, in less than 3 minutes. This will provide an indication of whether or not the treatment of the ballast water system was effective .

A waterproof colorimeter tests for Total Residual Oxidant (TRO) with a range of 0 to 5 ppm free & total chlorine in less than 3 minutes.

The handheld fluorometer requires no training prior to use - simply place the sample in the cuvette, press “Read” and view the risk of discharge (Fail, High, Low).
Ship operators can easily verify whether the ballast water treatment system has adequately treated water prior to discharge.

Compliance officers can quickly determine whether a ship exceeds D2 standards. In case of positive results further in-depth laboratory analysis can then be performed. Ballast water treatment system providers rapidly assess treatment system performance during testing. Ship service providers - diagnose treatment system failures

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  • Quick test
  • Simple procedure
  • Salinity refractometer
  • Colorimeter test
  • Handhelf fluorometer

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Rapid Ballast Water Test Kit
Salinity Refractometer (salt in seawater)

Scale Range:

0 - 100 ppt
+/- 1 ppt



Digital handheld Fluorometer

Dynamic Range:

3 orders of magn.
12 bits



Chlorine Colorimeter


0 - 5.00 mg/l
0.01 mg/l
+/- 0.03