Vibration Meter

Mobile vibration device for simple vibration meters and sophisticated FFT data collectors


This screen displays the RMS values of the measured vibrations and compares them to the ISO10816-3 limits.

FFT Data

The FFT spectrum is displayed in the range from 0 to 200 Hz. In addition, the three most dominant peaks are displayed as numerical values.

Trafic Light System

The instrument uses the colours green, yellow and red to display the status.

The Vibration Meter is a revolutionary instrument with a completely new design! The operation of the instrument is so easy that anybody can learn to use it very quickly. The instrument uses the colours green, yellow and red to display the status. Determination of individual machine or bearings defect types is done directly during operation, without a need to use a computer or software.

CMT Vibration Meter is sold as complete set with a quality accelerometer, coiled cable, magnetic base, transit case and optional headphones. You can connect headphones to this instrument and listen to vibration signals. Do not consider this method out of date! If you measure transmissions or slow-running bearings, you will quickly understand its usefulness.

Instruments in this cost-effective category have been able to measure only total vibration values so far. But the Vibration Meter is different. For each point on the machine this device produces many different measurements.

  • overall RMS and PEAK velocity (10 – 1.000 Hz)
  • overall RMS and PEAK acceleration (500 – 16.000 Hz)
  • overall RMS and PEAK displacement (1 - 200 Hz)
  • velocity spectrum (0 - 200 Hz)
  • acceleration time signal (bearing fault detection in 500 – 16.000 Hz band)
  • acceleration enveloping measurement
  • automatic machine speed detection
  • non-contact temperature measurement
  • displacement measurement

It is a complete machine condition monitoring system that gives results without the use of a computer or laptop. It is designed for the technician, engineer and consultant who needs to analyse a rotating machine on-site without investing and carrying expensive instruments to site. Using Vibration Meter cannot be easier!

Both experts and users without knowledge of vibration analysis can use the device immediately. For the latter has the FASIT-Mode (fault source identification tools) been introduced for simple and rapid damage analysis. It gives an immediate analysis of the problem according to the "traffic light" principle. 

Already at the first measurement simple pictograms show whether a lubrication problem, an unbalance, loose parts or a bearing damage is present.


Examples of the different modes:

Unbalance, looseness and misalignment, lubrication and bearing damages

This screen is all you need for a quick diagnosis. It gives an overview by traffic light of unbalance, looseness, mis-alignment, lubrication condition and damages of the bearing. RPM is automatically detected and displayed at the bottom of the screen. This screen has been introduced especially for users with no or limited experience in vibration analysis.

RMS Vibration Levels

The device measure the RMS vibration level; and compare with the severity limits of ISO10816-3. Readings changes in Traffic Light color when exceedance. Bearing temperature is measured by infra-red and indicated in traffic light. 

Overheat of bearing can be easily identified in RED bar as shown in the figure (left side). Temperature reading in °C and °F  is shown in another screen. RPM is automatically detected and displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Bearing fault detection

Vibration Meter measures the g-ENV, which represents the condition of the bearing. Vibration Meter also display the vibration time signal. You can visualize the vibration impact due to bearing fault by looking at its time signal. It is useful in differentiating whether the increase in g-ENV is due to bearing fault or just lack of lubrication. You can also listen to the vibration signal through the audio output, which is a proven technique for bearing fault detection especially for slow rotating machine.


Vibration Spectrum (FFT)

Vibration Meter measures the FFT spectrum (0-200 Hz); and list out the most three dominates peaks. The information is useful for detection of unbalance and looseness.


The build-in stroboscope inside the Vibration Meter represents the unique innovation in the handheld vibration equipment. High intensity LED is used. Stroboscope is very handy for inspection of rotating or moving machinery (belt, fan, coupler...). For example, missing screw can be seen without stopping the machine - can be a big cost saving. Vibration Meter can automatic detect the rotating speed of the machine and freeze the movement by setting its flashing frequency the same as the rotating parts. Frequency can also be set manually.

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Your Benefits

  • Simple vibration measurements
  • Clear traffic light system for analysis
  • FASIT mode for easy, instant results
  • 16 hours of continuous measurement on a single charge
  • USB-C for charging
  • Many optional measurement modes for further insight

Vibration Meter

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CMT Vibration Meter
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