Pocket Analyser

In connection with a PC, the smallest analyzer offers the same functions as the VA5.

Functions VA5

With the same sensor inputs as the VA5, all functions can be used with the Virtual Unit.


Perfect size for larger routes or many operations.


The analysis and data storage takes place on a computer that is connected via USB.

The instrument is enhanced by modules for dynamic balancing, measurement of run up and coast down and acoustic measurement mode. The instrument is equipped with an expert system which automatically detects machinery faults. The instrument is powered directly by USB connection so no external power is needed.

Connect the CMT Pocket Analyser to your laptop or PC and get all functions of 4 channel Vibration Analyser VA5Pro. The free download of the Virtual Unit software enables you to perform all functions of the analyzer on your computer. The pocket size 4 channel Vibration Analyzer provides the following input channels:

  • 4 AC, ICP® (On/Off),
  • 4 DC,
  • 1 TACHO

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Pocket Analyser
(No sensor included)

Acceleration Sensor Complete push /pull (Including spiral cable and magnet base)
Sensivity                    100 mV/g
Resonance Freq.        -30 kHz
Operating Temp.       -55 - 140 °C

VIB-CT-50006push / pull
Laser Tacho Probe


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