Performance and Efficiency Monitoring

An economical shipping is based on expenditure savings. Efficant engines save Fuel and lessen the stress on components.


Compatible with low-, medium- and high-speed engines the PREMET® X is the perfect system to optimise your fuel injections to reduce fuel consumption but also to avoid repairs and damages as part of a condition monitoring regime.
The large internal memory of the PREMET® X allows to save as many engine set ups as you like up to 40 cylinders per engine.
Using an acoustic emission sensor the fuel injection can be monitored with no need to tamper with the high pressure fuel lines during installation. Ignition delay and
other critical timings during combustion will become visible. 

  • No penetration of the fuel system 

  • Eliminates possible fuel leakage 

  • Applicable for 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines 


Designed by marine engineers to be used from marine engineers the PREMET® M helps balancing cylinder load, optimise injection timing and detect worn or damaged engine components and thus reducing the engine’s operating cost.

  • Applicable for 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines 

  • Rugged design for onboard use

  • Economic initial costs 

PREMET® Software

The PREMET® Viewer helps to analyse the combustion process more efficiently. With an import of measurement data from a PREMET® X or M you can create TDC graphs, Combustion and Decomposition Curves and p-V Diagrams to help with the condition monitoring of your engines.

  • helps to reduce the engine's operation costs

  • minimize the specific fuel oil consumption

  • set trend analysis

  • detect worn out parts or incorrect adjustments

  • plan your repairs

  • avoid unexpected failures

While every PREMET® device comes including the PREMET® Viewer, there is an even more beneficial solution. The PREMET® Cloud allows an analysis from a single ship to complete fleets. Everything is stored in the cloud and can be accessed from all over the world. And the best thing? Its free to use, just register.

  • campairision between sister enginesav

  • ailible everywhere, anytime and for everybody

  • instant availibility of dato from the ship

24/7 Multisensor System

The PREMET® Online 24/7 is the most advanced system for continuous diesel engine performance. It has been developed to be used for one Main Engine Only.

  • provide key knowlegde for optaining optimum 

  • reliable engine performance data

  • helps to minimize engine war engine 

  • optimum emissons and fuel consumption

Pressure and Temperature

Calibration of measuring devices is very important to guarantee precise results even a long time after manufacturing. Most devices will suffer from degradation of accuracy over a longer period of time. CMT offers an inhouse calibration service or alternatively devices for the calibration of pressure and temperature measuring devices on board. They are available as standalone or in a combined kit.

  • Onboard recalibration of quipment

  • More precision for measurements

  • More efficiency with accordingly calibrated equipment

Peak Pressure Indicator

The CMT Peak Pressure Indicator is an easy, fast and cost effective way to maintain your diesel engines.
It measures the maximal firing pressure and the compression pressure of two and four stroke combustion engines. It helps balancing and optimizing your engine and with that you will be able to make the most out of your engine and fuel.

By cutting the fuel for one cylinder for a short time you can easily detect any possible blow by to avoid unwanted loss of energy. Optimizing your engine cannot be easier with the help of the CMT Peak Pressure Indicator.

We have designed the new CMT Peak Pressure Indicator with the engineer on site in mind. It has been designed for easy operation and to protect its user in case of excessive cylinder pressure. A safety glass gauge and protection by a blow out back wall are just two examples for our features to avoid accidents during the usage.

  • Prevents loss of efficiency

  • High accuracy at all speeds and pressure ranges 

  • Easy and simple operation

  • Extremely robust and low maintenance

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